With more than 30 years of European beauty care management experiences in Asia, the co founders of COSMETiGATE雅門 cross border e-commerce platform own a deep knowledge of European beauty care products and of Asian consumers expectations. The mother company INNOLEDGE International Ltd was established in Hong Kong 30 years ago and has been introducing with success European cosmetic brands to Gt China markets as their sole distributor.

While we are entering a fast-moving digital era, the communication reach becomes instant and people can easily search their most needed information across the globe. Many local governments allow the cross border e-commerce channel to help consumers to learn and try the most adapted products for their personal use without regulatory barriers.

The co-founders of COSMETiGATE雅門 aims to build its cross-border e-commerce platform as the unique gateway to the unique European cosmetic brands and introduce the most advanced beauty care products to Asian consumers and to meet their specific beauty care needs.

We are committed to apply the following criteria to select European cosmetic brands and products for COSMETiGATE雅門 and ensure you the most advanced beauty care products while you shop at cosmetigate.com:

  • owns formula and/or production innovation patents
  • environmental friendly with recyclable and/or re-usable packaging
  • ingredients are from natural origin
  • contains 0% preservatives
  • own European BIO cosmetic certificate

As the sole distributor of the selected European cosmetic brands in Asia region, COSMETiGATE雅門 can commit itself to you that all products sold on cosmetigate.com are genuine and direct from the manufacturers. In order to help our customers on complete and transparent information on the products, we will include the manufacturer’s website in cosmetigate.com site.

To fullfil our mission as the unique gateway to the unique European cosmetic brands for you, our focus is to put most of our resources in finding the right product, ensuring you:

  • The best personal product trial experience with right information and sufficient product sample
  • The best shopping experience with the best & personalized service and the right quality/price ratio

We wish you a very delightful shopping experiences at cosmetigate.com and hope to serve you as our VIPs in the future.