HelioNature, our leitmotif was therefore to give back this central role to the Sun and to raise the awareness of the benefits of its light.

Our laboratory, always at the leading edge of innovation, has been developing cosmetic brands for more than 3 decades. In a constant pursuit of finding new active ingredients, working with even more effective & respectful formulations, improving products sensoriality… we have built a culture that challenge our way to do by doing differently.

Seeing a growing demand for naturality and in parallel, a greenwashing of the market, for us, no brand really met consumers’ expectations. Convinced, surely as you are, that naturality does not go hand in hand with all green trend, that clean beauty does not only require an organic certificate, and that the safeguard of the environment does not mean losing efficiency, our teams have again innovated.

Sensitive to sunshine and the good life of the Mediterranean region where we are, we analyzed the benefits of the sun.

Both for the curative dimension of its light, for the well being and the stimulation it provides, but also for its role at the origin of all lives by making photosynthesis of the plant world possible.

  • 95% ingredients are natural
  • Beauty without cruelty
  • Dermatologically tested 

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